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khulna university admission test result

khulna University Admission Test Result

Exam dates:

30/10/2011; Science, Engineering and Technology School.

30/10/2011; Institute of Fine Arts

31/10/2011; life science School

31/10/2011; School of Management and Business Administration

01/11/2011; Social Science School

01/11/2011; Arts and Humanities School
khulna University Admission Test Result.

Admission notice: Download admission notice 2011-2012

Advertisement of KU Admission 2011-2012.

Instructions for Online Application

Brochure of SET School.

Brochure of Life Science School.

Brochure of School of Management and Business Administration.

Brochure of Arts and Humanities School.

Brochure of Social Science School.

Brochure of Fine Arts

Competition levels: competition level of Khulna university is high. All students of Bangladesh want to admit in public university so competition level is high because it is a public university.

Hall: There are 4 halls for students. The halls can not cover the all students.

Campus:Campus of khulna university is so beautiful. Therefore so many visitors come here to visit the university.

Facilities: There are lots of facilities such as Beautiful campus , library, campus bus, hall etc.

Communication facilities: Communication facilities are always  not so good from everywhere of the country but it is not bad.

Other universities: Kuet, Khulna medical college, etc

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khulna University Admission Test Result

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